11.9 MON

10amYour Bros Filmmaking Workshop:
Beat it or be beaten by air!
Kino, 1/F Eaton HK

12.9 TUE

6pmOpening film: Feelings Are Facts*Kino, 1/F Eaton HK
7:30pmExpanded Space: UNPACKED No.1 Love*Tomorrow Maybe, 4/F Eaton HK
9:30pmBody Archive: Contemporary Reenactments in Asian Cities I Mundane Truth*Kino, 1/F Eaton HK

13.9 WED

11amDialogue I: Performance as Archive: The Living BodyKino, 1/F Eaton HK
1pmSpectrums: International Art House Showcase I
Dance On Screen FilmFestival Graz
Kino, 1/F Eaton HK
2:30pmSpectrums: International Art House Showcase II
The International Festival of Films on Art (Le FIFA)
Kino, 1/F Eaton HK
4pmSpectrums: International Art House Showcase III
Kino, 1/F Eaton HK
6pmDialogue II. Preserving MovementTerrible Baby, 4/F Eaton HK
7:30pmExpanded Space: Product of Other Circumstances (2009) *Kino, 1/F Eaton HK

14.9 THU

11amSpectrums: International Art House Showcase IV
South Taiwan Film Festival*
Kino, 1/F Eaton HK
1pmSpectrums: International Art House Showcase V
Image Forum Festival*
Kino, 1/F Eaton HK
3pmSpectrums: International Art House Showcase VI
Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul (EXiS)*
Kino, 1/F Eaton HK
5pmDialogue III. Archaeological Body and Alternative Media: Critical Historiography of Hong Kong and Korea Experimental Moving Image in the 1960s and 1970sKino, 1/F Eaton HK
7pmSandlinesKino, 1/F Eaton HK
8:30pmBody Archive: Contemporary Reenactments in Asian Cities II
Operation Wandering Souls
Kino, 1/F Eaton HK

15.9 FRI

2pmIt’s Your Bros! Behind-the-Scenes Public TalkKino, 1/F Eaton HK
7:30pmOpening film: Feelings Are Facts*K11 Art House
9pmKhon BoysK11 Art House

16.9 SAT

1pmThe Five ObstructionsK11 Art House
3pmTrixieK11 Art House
5pmI am MoreK11 Art House
7pmDanse MacabreK11 Art House

17.9 SUN

1pmWe Don’t Dance for NothingK11 Art House
3pmToward ZeroK11 Art House
5pmWhy We FightK11 Art House
7pmYour Bros. Filmmaking Group Migrant Workers Short Films Collections*K11 Art House

*With post-screening/performance sharing session