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Iraq / 2020 / 61mins / Arabic & English / English subtitles

Belgian multidisciplinary artist Francis Alÿs has travelled frequently to Iraq over the last decade. He intended to make a film about children drawing lines in the sand in the remote mountain village near Mosul, a caricature of the Sykes-Picot line that bisected the region in 1916, which ultimately created the country Iraq. Struck by how little the children knew about their own country, he decided to dramatise key moments in history with the children, through games and play, to reenact a century of Iraqi history in their very own way.

Suitable for All Ages

Package Information

Package includes one performance and three film screenings. Ticket Price HKD500.

1. Expanded Space: Product of Other Circumstances(2009)
2. Sandlines
3. The Five Obstructions
4. Toward Zero

Francis ALŸS
Award & Nomination

Best Feature Documentary Award, ‘Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People’ 2020

‘International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)’ 2020

Screening details

Kino, Eaton HK 1/F

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