Initiated in 2021 as an exhibition sidebar of ‘Jumping Frames’, ’Expanded Space’ is a proposition to explore new possibilities of presenting movement/images beyond traditional screen-based cinematic formats. Aiming to instigate a multi-layer dialogue between different artistic practices and domains under the auspice of an interdisciplinary film festival, ‘Expanded Space’ reflects the festival commitment to probe at the intersections between performance and the moving image, cine-choreographies, and the body.

Over the years, ’Expanded Space’ has hosted a diverse collection of sound, object and media installation works that transmitted and transmuted filmic gestures and narratives into the spatially demanding gallery presentation. Extending its inquiry transversally, it has also included sculptural and kinetic installation works that questioned what constitutes the performative impulse and bridging the divide between movement- and image-making.

For ‘Expanded Space 2023’: (RE)PLAY, the exhibition will examine the archival strategies, considerations, and formats of two seminal artists working across the valencies of performance-making: Melati Suryodarmo, an Indonesian performance artist known for her durational and physically demanding performances; and Xavier Le Roy, a choreographer and dancer often associated with the development of the notion of expanded choreography that started in Europe at the end of the 90’s.

Each artist will present a lecture performance, UNPACKED No. 1: Love (2023) by Suryodarmo and Product of Other Circumstances (2009) by Le Roy, – that draws on the ‘Jumping Frames 2023’ themes of re-enactment and archival (re)construction. Emphasising their methodologies in archiving works, the audience is invited to re-imagine scenes and essences of their practice through objects, videos and still images.


Joseph CHEN ( Eaton HK)

Date:13/9/2023 – 6/10/2023

Venue:Tomorrow Maybe, 4/F, Eaton HK

Opening Hours:2pm – 9pm(Free Admission)

【Featuring Artists

【Dialogue】Performance as Archive: The Living Body

Time:13/9 (Wed) 11:00am