Since 2017, ‘Your Bros. Filmmaking Group’ has collaborated with foreign migrant workers (Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai) in Taiwan to make movies. Taking their way of life, their struggle and their oppression as starting points, the filmmakers also pay attention to how Taiwan media manipulated edited newsreels to shape the image of migrant workers, revealing issues of runaway workers without legal identification, never ending strikes, the sadness, the happiness and every moment they cherished living in a foreign country. It has always been a challenge for the filming and production team to keep the right distance with migrant workers. They are trying not to cover the story as a news report, but rather to create a temporary filmmaking community with the migrant workers. They utilise “workshop” format, reading newspapers together, writing scripts, setting the stage, creating the set, designing the characters, etc. They rehearse, fight, discuss, and even sleep and relax together on the set. Perhaps the key to this process is how this temporary community works, and putting together the movie piece by piece.

So Yo-hen, Liao Hsiu-hui and Tien Zong-yuan from ‘Your Bros. Filmmaking Group’ will share and analyse their experience in collaborating with the migrant workers in this public talk.

15/9 [Fri]
Kino, 1/F Eaton HK