JF Industry Forum 2022:Case Studies — “All About Love”

All About Love #1 ‘: Between Artist and Collaborator

2/9 (Fri) 2-5pm Terrible Baby, 4/F Eaton HK 

Moderated by: Love Collective

Collaboration in dance filmmaking and cross-disciplinary creation is like going through a love and hate relationship.

From attraction to uncertainty, from intimacy to partnership, the blissful honeymoon phase might end, and the reality of the relationship sets in, when making the final work. There might be romance, yet there might be set backs, how to make it work?

‘All About Love #1’ looks into the unheard dialogues, peeping into the collaboration between filmmaker and dance artist from the perspective of the other side. While both mediums are logistically put together to escalate marriage and functional presentation during the pandemic period, the disruption and mis-matched is inevitable in the process. 

In this case study session, we look into the search of counterpoint in both frameworks and industry practices and methodologies between the mediums and the artists. 

All About Love #2′: Between Artist and Producer

3/9 (Sat) 2-5pm Terrible Baby, 4/F Eaton HK

Moderated by: Love Collective

‘All About Love #2’ is a meeting to share love, between producers and artists, filmmakers and commissioners or similar situations. 

The sharing looks into some producing cases, successful or not, with of course enough struggle and sometimes epiphany, that is worthy of reflection and discussion.  The idea is to seek for a new workable system, and network with the community for funding solicitation into possible new projects. Let’s brainstorm together a creative solution to produce a dance film!

Love Collective gathers artists, filmmakers, choreographers, producers and commissioners with like-minded sentiment to share and study the possible knowledge and system for new creations. Current members include dance artist Joseph Lee*, filmmaker Cheuk Cheung, Renaissance Foundation director Samuel Chai, CCDC Artistic Director Yuri Ng, CCDC Executive Director Cathy Lau, independent researcher Emillie Choi Sin-yi and Jumping Frames Curator Elysa Wendi.

* Joseph Lee in appearance by kind permission of Unlock Dancing Plaza