What’s in a name?

‘Jumping Frames’ has been named in Cantonese as “mou5-dou6-luk6-zoeng6-zit3” and later became “mou5-dou6-jing2-zoeng6-zit3”. This year, we change the subject again from “dance video” to “movement-image”, hence, we have a new name in English, Jumping Frames – Hong Kong International Movement-Image Festival. The term we construct is inspired by the idea of “moving images”, which cover a broader variety of visual artworks that has the appearance of movement.

Most people experience dance starting from their eyes. The images passing through their brain nerves and sensory of the brain, stimulating their perception to trigger the dancing. I think, any stimuli that moves your body and soul, is dance. Thus, in the same way, not all moving images are movement-images. Any moving images that affect the viewers and when their bodies react to the visual, are considered movement-image, body or non-body.

Due to the pandemic, our viewing experience has changed drastically, the way of presenting moving images is rapidly developing. How about dance? What does dance on film brings us?

We add a hyphen between movement and image with the hope that the two elements inspire each other and complement each other.

So they say, “Be proud of one’s name and stand by it.” This saying may not be true to contemporary art. We change our name this year to express our views of the moment. Adapting to trends, growing with our audience, we keep redefining our festival, and will be happy to start afresh every year.

Yuri NG
Artistic Director, CCDC