Two Lonely Paths

World Premiere

Two Lonely Paths

Taiwan/ 2018/ 22mins/ World Premiere

Find the next star in a competition, or which contestant would outshine all others? For two whose youth is slipping away, they clash, sparks fly, and their pasts emerge. As a great future approaches, is the strength of luck enough to take one through, or is perseverance the only way to attract the smile of talent? As a dance in development, are the two dancers like a lone star by the moon, understanding through each other’s glow, or must one dim when the other shines? Through the body’s intuition, through thoughts that are born from movement after stillness, coexistence comes to be.

Two Lonely Paths had its World Premiere in the Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2018.

Chih-hua CHIU

Screening details

JC Cube, Tai Kwun