Over Here?

World Premiere

Over Here?

Hong Kong/ 2020/ 10mins/ No dialogue/ World Premiere

In a city, people are flowing ceaselessly, like a river. She wants to speak… but she can’t find the right words.

Mask, no, it can be touched. It can be worn on everyone’s face.

Crossing the flyovers, drifting around the corners of the world, she and he step into a rapidly changing world, she and he stop into a rapidly changing dream. They wait at the airport, watching the surge of time and space.

Can a spoon catch all the trees? It stays on the spine and reflects light.

The harmonica is played again and again. Waves reach the coast in slow motion.

What id “Flow”? What is “Moving”?

Zelia ZZ Tan
Zelia ZZ Tan

Screening details

K11 Art House