Come Rain or Shine

World Premiere

Come Rain or Shine

Hong Kong/ 2019/ 12mins/ No Dialogue/ Black & White

In a society of extreme distortion, people lives like ants and they actually dont mind about it. Sunlight may not be inevitable, and in fact the rain may bring more clarity to thr mind and body. The ant is getting more used to being abused, actually enjoying it, because rain and snow brings more vitality to them. Will it die? Maybe… but at least it walked through the path with courage and wisdom.

Come Rain or Shine is commissioned by West Kowloon Cultural District and CCDC.

This research and development of the creation is supported by West Kowloon Cultural District, Dance Info Finland, Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Helsinki and Dance House Helsinku under the residency exchange project “Creative Meeting Point: Hong Kong x Finland.”

Justyne Li

Screening details

Broadway Cinematheque