Florence LAM
(Performance Artist)


Ka-chun HUI
(Dance Artist)

Photo Credit: Vivian Wong Wing-lam

Counter of Occurrences is a new attempt of ‘Jumping Frames’. Living artwork created through actions, executed by 2 artists’ performance intervention. Their performances may happen anywhere, anytime during the Festival. Their bodies are the vessels that draws audience closer to the screen or they could independently become the moving images themselves. “Counter of occurrences” symbolised numerous time of returning and could also be transformed into an overlapping image on screen that encounter with live performances. By extending time and space, bodies and cinematic images, we make dialogues and connections, literally breaking the forth wall. Hence, ‘Jumping Frames’ could expand something beyond a film festival.

[Incidental performance]
Performance intervention may appear during the festival anytime, anywhere, and in any form (1/9 – 2/10)
[Live performance]
1/9 6:30pm
10/9 2:00pm
2/10 2:00pm
Tomorrow Maybe, 4/F Eaton HK