Competition Selection

An ardent advocate for new voices and new forms of experimentation, Jumping Frame’s international open call seeks original and cutting-edge works to be screened during the festival, with cash prizes for outstanding works. The current selections presents the spectrums and intersections between performance making and moving images, cine-choreographic interventions and the body. The competition result will be announced during the festival, including the ‘Jumping Frames Audience Award’ which will be voted by audience on the day.

Competition Programme 1: Open Section

4/9/2022 (Sun) 2:00pm Kino, 1/F, Eaton HK (100 mins)

Fist | Thomas BOS (The Netherlands)
Two Solos, One Dance, Three Frames | Joseph LEE (Hong Kong)
POV | WONG Hei-wa (Hong Kong)
THREE | NAOTO Iina (Japan)
Bound by Body | Minkyou YOO (Germany)
Fallen Memories | LAO Keng-u (Indonesia/ Macau/ Singapore)
Where is my Home | ZENG Wanqiu Oneness (Hong Kong)

Competition Programme 2: Open Section

4/9/2022 (Sun) 4:00pm Kino, 1/F, Eaton HK (100 mins)

Beyond the Veil | HUI Ka-chun (Hong Kong)
La Galerie | Loup-William THÉBERGE (Canada)
Structure: Making Bolero | KIM Seolijin, Iwa (Korea)
Tramways | AU Chi-hang Jeremy (Hong Kong)
Once I Passed | Martin GERIGK (Germany)
Lucid Dream | LAI Tsui-shuang (Taiwan)
(Nguyen Quoc Phi) | SO Yo-hen (Taiwan)
Geographies of Belonging | Eliza Demian PATRASCU (United Kingdom)
Reconstruction | Pia ANDELL (Finland)

Competition Programme 3: Hong Kong Student Section

4/9/2022 (Sun) 6:00pm Kino, 1/F, Eaton HK (45 mins)

The Tranquil | MAK Kai-chun
Sleepwalk | YANG Hao, XING Tong, JIANG Xinyue
O | FOK Chi-fung
My life as a dancer – Chapter 2 | TSUI Yik-chit Ivy
Mattress Attachment | LEUNG Lok-tin
Feed me to the Squares | NGAI Tsz-kwan Tracey
Drifting | Green MOK
bon appetit | YEUNG Lap Zhing, Hugo


Jumping Frames International Award:

Fist︱Thomas BOS (The Netherlands)

Jumping Frames Asia Award:

Three︱NAOTO lina (Japan)

Expanded Frames Award:

Nguyễn Quốc Phi︱SO Yo-hen (Taiwan)

Jumping Frames Student Award:

O︱FOK Chi-fung (Hong Kong)

Jumping Frames Audience Award:

Bon Appétit︱YEUNG Lap Zhing Hugo (Hong Kong)


Jumping Frames International Award (USD $2,500 cash award)
Jumping Frames Asia Award (USD$1,500 cash award)
Expanded Frames Award (USD $1,000 cash award)
Jumping Frames Student Award (HKD $5,000 cash award)
Jumping Frames Audience Award (USD $500 cash award)

Final Juries

Dick WONG 
Samuel CHAI
Orlean LAI
Ellen PAU

Semi-final Juries

Yuri NG
CHEUK Cheung

Preliminary Selection

Emilie CHOI Sin-yi
Samantha SZETO      
Tomas TSE Kar-ho